Monday, 19 November 2007

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my first ever post here! The first of many hopefully!

Firstly, I'll introduce myself. I'm James, 5' 9" (though my medical said it was 5' 8 ¾", but rounded off sounds better!), I'm a 24 year old child from just near Beverley in East Yorkshire. I work for GrantRail in Doncaster - seems like the perfect job for someone like me. Most surprisingly I'm actually engaged to be married! My fiancee, Suzi, has an awful lot to put up with!

You may have noticed one of my main interests is railways... I model in 4mm scale, both OO and P4. In OO, a large, long term project which is a joint project with my dad and in P4 my main activity now is with the East Yorkshire Area Group (EYAG) of the Scalefour Society. My interests are very varied; Eastmoor is the late 1950's, allowing the last ex-North Eastern types to prototypically run, though we stretch things a bit with the odd green diesel! Eastmoor is somewhere along the York - Beverley line - some maps mark 'Eastmoor' as an area near the line, hence our use of the name.

My other main activities concern what many would call 'modern image', a term which is pretty meaningless! However, my preferred period is 2000, or so, onwards. I'm slowly building a fleet and stock for this era for a future layout. Not sure exactly what this layout will be, but who knows; in a couple of years I might even know! I'm experimenting with 'flatbottomed' track at the moment. Building on templates which have been scaled down from official Network Rail diagrams - I'm fortunate to have access to these through work.

The EYAG are building Botanic Gardens station in Hull as it was around the time of the Great War. The exact date hasn't yet been decided. The layout is, of course, built to P4 standards and will be around 30' x 15'. I have come to the project only relatively recently; it has the potential to be quite something. A large pre-group layout with long trains in an urban setting, the whole thing is a rather exciting project! The group is based within the Hull MRS, within whose clubrooms the layout is worked upon and resides. Further details may also be found here and here.

Anyway, that's it for now. Do pop back, there should be updates very soon!

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