Tuesday, 25 December 2007

A New Standard

For Christmas this year this was one of the gifts which my dad received. It's a nice simple renumbering and weathering job (by myself) of the new Standard 4MT 2-6-0 from Bachmann. This one is 76022 now, Hull's only resident of this type. At some point, Eastmoor could justify a model of 76021 which was a Selby engine at the same time during the 'fifties. We've still to add couplings and front steps - the latter will be Comet items. The Christmas deadline meant I didn't have time to to this, or at least, I didn't want to risk not having it in a presentable for Christmas Day!

The pipework is superb! If you need an example of this type, then I don't think you could go far wrong than having one from Bachmann! BR designed locos seem to be one of Bachmann's real strong points.

I find it interesting how modern RTR steam locomotives are better than many kit built locomotives of even just a few years ago. Models which are to this standard (no pun intended) of the Bachmann loco we see here really does speed things up. It's rather satisfying that with a a little work one has a very usable model in OO which allows time to be focused on times where this option doesn't exist.

The main thing, for me, was that my dad was very pleased with the loco! He'll want me getting on with the rest of the locos in our 'to do' pool!

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  1. I wonder if the Brassmasters Ivatt 4 "no-so-easy" chassis kit could be adapted to fit the Std.4 2-6-0 - after all the Ivatt begat the Standard, and the engine frames appear broadly similar.....