Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Botanic Gardens Progress

Pointwork at the west end of the station.
Work continues with Botanic Gardens concentrating on the track and electrics on the board which features, so far, the most complicated part - however, this will soon change with future works! The main task has been installing droppers suitable for DCC. Previously the track had been laid with noraml DC in mind and the droppers are rather thin. Whilst we may get away with such an arrangement, while we still have the chance we are replacing these.

This work has allowed us to check all of the track bit by bit - the three way point was a good example of this. We found one rail to be slightly low this came out and a new rail went in its place and this allowed us to easily drill a hole for the new dropper under the rail's position in a very tight area.

The new section of rail, and its new chairs, should be easily spotted. What won't be seen will be the dropper we'd fitted. These are located centrally under the rail in certain sleepers. Once all the chairs are in place the effect will be invisible droppers! Quite neat really. All that remains are a couple of further bonds to be made and then the final chairs will be added before weathering. Though the natural appearance of the sides of the rails may be had to match! And impossible to achieve with plastic chairs!

And this is the state of play as we left it last night. With a couple of small things completed, testing can start!

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