Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Another year gone... In many ways, it has been an eventful year with some big changes for me personally.

I saw in the New Year in The King's Head in Beverley with Suzi and some of my closest friends; including my best man, whose threats and ideas for his speech never fail to worry me! Having been to bed, Suzi and I spent the afternoon in Robin Hood's Bay, having a good walk round before retiring to the Victoria Hotel at the top of the village for a drink. It seemed a shame to leave the bar, but we both have to be back at work tomorrow...

2008 is to bring some quite major changes. The biggest two will be huge - buying our first house and getting married! This is, of course, intended as a blog to voice, as the sub heading above says, 'random thoughts, ideas and opinions about railways and railway modelling', and some of you may struggle to see how real estate and marriage fits in with this! Well, rather than being about railways, it does put them into context.

Compared with marriage, how I propose (no pun intended!) to tackle my planned model of a North Eastern Class Y 4-6-2T for Botanic Gardens is rather minor, regardless of how important it may seem at those time when I'm thinking about it! Railways are an essential part of my life though - working in the rail industry means that I do rely on railways to a rather significant degree!

It does have an impact of modelling though - my own modelling will have to, at times, take a back seat. I'm incredibly fortunate to have a fiancee who supports me in my hobbies and interests. It would be all to easy to abuse this and continue modelling as if nothing else was happening! Modelling, I think, will become something which will really provide an escape from everyday life and the challenge of setting up our first home!

The prospect of buying a first home and getting married are far more exciting and challenging than any modelling project could ever hope to be. I think 2008 should be a good year - quite challenging, but with a lot of fun along the way!

And the picture for this entry, not really connected to this entry, but it's one of my favourite of my own railway photos - it was taken around November 2004 at Watton, which is a few miles north of Beverley. It also reminds me that I'm likely to be out at some unsociable hour sometime soon!

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