Monday, 21 January 2008

More Droppers!

Tonight the final droppers for the wiring were added on what is currently our 'main' board. This has been our main focus for the last few sessions. The other boards at the front shouldn't be too bad. Next week should see the board wired up and everything tested.

The pointwork stills impresses me - the ply sleepers do look right. The interlaced turnouts are a real feature of much NER pointwork. For some people this attention to trackwork won't seem so worthwhile, but it is satisfying being able to look at a layout with high quality and correct trackwork is very satisfying. The more I see of the real railway, the more I appreciate this kind of modelling.

When we do come to test the track and wiring, hopefully this will be 'available for traffic' -

The lining has started to appear; it looks a little heavy in these views, but I think the lighting really emphasised the red - in reality it looks nice and fine. The method, using HMRS transfers, certainly seems to be producing a result which we all have found very pleasing. Only problem is one of the boiler bands is in the wrong place, so I must do something to amend that!

I'm really looking forward to seeing this finished. The NER black is rather elegant livery, but I do fancy something green soon!

Botanic Gardens is now progressing rather well - each week takes us that little bit further, whether it's progress on the layout itself or progress with locomotives and rolling stock. 2008 should be a very good year for the project.

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