Monday, 21 January 2008

Today's Railway

66 016 at Frodingham, 4th December 2007.
Just a thought; there seems to be a fair bit of interest in modelling today's scene. People have often modelled what they see everyday, but the selection of models available from the likes of
Hornby and Bachmann does make the task somewhat easier than it may otherwise be.

I do wonder how many people have the room to convincingly model scenes like that pictured above. The large EWS hoppers seem popular, but how many people can run prototypical train lengths, especially in 4mm:1ft scale?

There aren't many layouts I've seen which convincing show the bulk workings which are so much a part of everyday life on the railway. Widnes Vine Yard is one of the few I can think of -a friend and I spent a long time watching it at the Hull show and agreed it was one of the few layouts which showed today's railway convincingly and it has the best colour light signals I've ever seen!The layout also features some very convincing trackwork - the most surprising thing is that it based on PECO products!

Widnes Vine Yard
There are plenty of 'modern' (for want of a better word) layouts around but few really convince - few have the area available to convincingly portray many workings which are commonplace.

I think that N gauge offers more promise in many ways, especially when some of the new releases far outshine many of the scale's existing RTR. It makes it much easier to have a feeling of 'space' too, and train lengths are halved compared with four mil'! It would be nice to see more layouts represently mainline workings are shown in the first photo, but as space becomes more and more of a premium, I can see it becoming increasingly rare to see results as impressive as Widnes.

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