Monday, 21 April 2008

More than just wheels...

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at Scalefour North over the weekend. It a lovely show; very much quality over quantity. The show had just seven layouts, but I'd rather have seven excellent layouts than a leisure centre full of average layouts any day!

I feel privileged to have been demonstrating at the show on the last three occasions. It certainly is a most enjoyable experience. I find it strange when people are wanting to know what I think on certain issues! A couple of people, it seemed, had come specifically to ask me questions! And when people who are my 'modelling heroes' come and ask me questions, well it's rather surreal and amazing all at the same time!

Scalefour North has a unique atmosphere - it must be one of the friendliest shows you could ever hope to visit. I've found this ever since I started going to the show when I was about sixteen. Judging by the way that some younger modellers were asking questions, the atmosphere must still be as welcoming as I found it when I was a bit younger. I've never seen operators or demonstrators talk down to people either, which is a welcome change from a whole host of small clubs shows I've attended.

I think this reflects the true personality of the Scalefour Society; it is a helpful, friendly and welcoming society. It's not just about wheels and track, but helping its members achieve a higher standard of modelling. Which neatly brings me to the photograph at the top of this post...

The photo was taken at one end of the South London Group's St. Merryn layout. It's a wonderful little cameo but the way it's been executed, it isn't the cliché which many 'bus outside a railway station' scenes often are. I think this highlights what finescale is all about - finescale is a state of mind rather than a set of measurements.

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