Saturday, 17 May 2008

English Electric Matters

Just a short posting on this. The loco you see here is based on the latest Bachmann refurbished class 37 using some rather nice bits and pieces from Brian Hanson.

A model of 37 677 based on Bachmann's latest version of the class 37The roof grille over the radiator fan is an amazing piece of work! The finest of its kind by far. If you're used to some of the rather crude after-market etched parts for diesels, these will blow you away! The windscreen etches at superb too - they are scale size which the Craftsman ones weren't. (Although the latter were very good, they were sized to fit the Lima model, which was slightly compromised.)

I have a full set of Brian's class 40 parts - the loco concerned should shortly be making an appearance here. I'm hoping the result will be something rather special.

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