Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Marriage and Pacific Tanks

Strange title I know, but this quick post will explain...

First of all, I got married on Saturday!!!

Not quite sure how I ever managed to persuade Suzi to agree to it, but I'm so pleased she did! It was an absolutely lovely day! I am the happiest person in the world as a result! The photo shows the wedding party just after the service outside the village church - I look about twelve in the photos, but I am next to my very beautiful bride so I really don't care how I looked!

Now, the other part of my the title, which will probably interest more of you... It's one of a pair of A7's I've been building. One is P4 and for Botanic Gardens and the other is for my dad, for Eastmoor, this is the latter.

This was being done as a surprise for my dad - all the parents (and others who helped with the wedding) received presents for their efforts towards the wedding. It wasn't ready after we had a hell of a week in the run up to the wedding! From suits which didn't fit and were stained to the kitchen ceiling collapsing after we had a water leak in the bathroom! It was a relief that Saturday went so well! Anyway, here are the two locos together on my mum and dad's garden table -

The locos will both represent the same loco, NER 1126 later BR 69772, of which my dad has some very happy memories from when he was young. I wish to point out, so as not to offend him too much(!) that his memories concern the loco when it carried its BR number! It is quite an interesting exercise to model a locomotive at both the start and end of its working life. Though, 69772 was remarkably similar in these respects, more so than some of its classmates.

The earlier version, 1126, has progressed a little since it was last mentioned and now has a set of frames ready for axleboxes and other basic components.

One final look at 1126, which should give a clear view of the frames. Hopefully soon, we'll have a basic rolling chassis for this one...

However, that work will have to wait a little while as I am on my honeymoon from tomorrow morning, heading for Egypt and able to leave water leaks, loss adjusters and collapsed ceilings behind for a little while. Hopefully the next update will include a snapshot of Egypt's railways, we'll have to wait and see on that one.

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