Sunday, 18 May 2008

NER Class Y Progress

Another hint of what's happening with my pacific tank.

The frames now have the cut outs for the axleboxes - it'll be a simple three point compensation arrangement. The cosmetic springs have been removed and will be replaced once the axleboxes are in place and all is working well. I have some spare etched springs which are very useful. Unfortunately I have no idea of the source.

The fixed axle will be the leading ones, which seems unusual compared with a lot of models following this arrangement, as the rear axle as often the fixed one. My reasoning is quite simple. The clearance around the leading driving wheels are quite tight, so keep this one fixed and it's much simpler! The loco will also spend half its time going backwards anyway, so it will be the trailing axle which will be fixed for this time! I want to try fully sprung suspension soon - I have an N10 (NER Class U) on the to do list, so this may become a test piece for a fully sprung chassis.

As well as preparing the frames I also spent half an hour searching for the rear buffer beam - couldn't fit it anywhere... I had already soldered it in place sometime previously! So panic over, but I really should make more of an effort to keep track of parts!

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