Friday, 2 May 2008

Waterloo 1967

I managed a quick visit to the National Railway Museum yesterday; I had a meeting in York and I parked at the museum. As I wanted to write a few notes on the meeting while it was fresh in my mind, I headed back to the car via the Museum’s cafĂ©/restaurant in the Station (south) Hall. I emerged half an hour later with a complete set of notes and went for a quick wander around the museum.

On display in the South Hall was a painting by the artist Terence Cuneo, Waterloo 1967. I have to admit to being completely awestruck by the work. You felt like you were there as you take in the huge scale of what stands before you.

Another exhibtion which is worth the visit on its own is the China: The Last Days of Steam which is an exhibition of photographs by Michael Rhodes. I didn't really have enough to spend as long as I wanted looking at his work, but I will be back in the near future!

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