Sunday, 8 June 2008

More Class 37s

This was completed very recently...

As usual now, it is based on the newest Bachmann bodyshell with their six axle chassis, rewheeled with Branchline's 'Black Beetle' wheels. I used Brian 'Extreme Etcher' Hanson's windscreens,which really make the 'face' of the model. Sadly I didn't have one of his fan grilles at the time I did the roof, so I used the Shawplan surround and some Scalelink mesh, the result is quite pleasing and, thanks to its soldered construction, is surprisingly durable. The brake chains complement the model rather well I think.

I have a 37/4 of my own to do soon, but I am waiting for Brian's new parts to appear before I tackle it. It's a strange limbo stage for D&E modellers at the moment, if you want the best locomotives, there's little point doing anything at the moment! Brian's parts are revolutionising D&E modelling!

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