Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pacific Progress

Life hasn't made working on my own modelling easy at all this last week or so; working nights at the start of the week, London mid week and meetings at GrantRail's head office on the Friday! There's been a little bit of progress with Botanic Garden's A7. The plan is to have both A7's at a similar level of completion so they can be detailed together.

Today I took another step closer to actually working to this plan! Though I'm waiting to obtain the correct axles - for some reason I got 00 length axles for my P4 wheels... Once I get the correct ones the chassis can progress further. Anyway, amoung a few other jobs I managed to construct the smokebox saddle in Plastikard and fit the boiler. Somehow it seems much more like a 'proper' locomotive now!

This is the first locomotive where I've used High Level Kit's new Hornblocks which are, I must say, incredibly easy and user-friendly hornblocks I have used! I have more in stock and intend to use them to produce a fully sprung loco in the near future.

The A7 will be a signature piece of rolling stock for Botanic Gardens and I'm hoping that the end result will be something special.

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