Thursday, 26 June 2008

Plasser UK 'Open House'

Yesterday I was lucky to attend an 'Open House' at Plasser UK's West Ealing works. We were treated to presentations from Plasser employees from all over Europe and from people in senior positions within the Rail Industry in the UK. Round the works were various machines and pieces of Plant on display for us to see.

One of the first items we saw as we went on our works was Network Rail's Plasser Track Recording DMU. We had a tour inside and the kit contained within was quite impressive. The shear size of the data it collects is impressive in itself!

As well as large plant on display, we were also treated to a selection of smaller items including a demonstration of a new laser guidance system for use with tampers.

One of Amey's Plasser tampers was in operation throughout the day to help demonstrate this equipment too. This kind of effort was one thing which made the event much more involving than many seminars are - seeing the equipment which had been discussed in the morning's sessions made it much more interesting!

There were, as one might expect, various examples of Plasser tampers around the works receiving attention.

In the main works were various bits from the Plasser ballast cleaners which are not the best looking of machines, but do have a certain charm about them - very functional looking machines.

A further view inside the works where the machines were undergoing maintenance.

An added bonus for me was to see the pair of Colas Class 47s, can't same I'm keen on the livery but they are smartly turned out.

One final view before we leave...

I must add a big thank you to Plasser UK and its staff for a very interesting and enjoyable day!

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