Sunday, 27 July 2008


There's something special about Goathland station. Not that it's been on the television or featured in films, but something of the station itself - which may, of course, be the reason why producers and film makers have been drawn to the place. Of all the stations I know, it seems the archetypal North Eastern Railway country station to me. In East and North Yorkshire we are spoiled for choice when it comes to surviving North Eastern Railway structures, but the quality Goathland station is hard to beat.

The completeness of station is a big appeal for me - goods yard, goods shed, coal drops, all things which were once common at virtually every country station. The goods shed is now a cafe and tea room. This is an award winning project, and rightly so, which makes wonderful use of the existing buildings and facilities. All too often 'preserved' railways sacrifice things for the sake of making money. Now I realise that they have to make money to survive (all the 'enthusiasts' who turn up purely to take photos contribute very little) but sometimes things are lost for the sake of money. Here the goods shed has been used very cleverly - it's obviously a goods shed in appearance but also provides wonderful accommodation for visitors.

We were up at Goathland this last weekend - the weather was perfect and it wasn't too busy either. We had lunch in the goods shed too! My dad was pleased to have an excellent view of the K4 hammering up the bank towards the station - you get a grandstand view from the footbridge.

Finally, one last part of the station which I think has a charm about it; the signalbox. It's a classic little NER 'box, still performing its original function. It's lovely just sitting watching the signalman going about his duties in such surroundings. Definately worth a visit if you haven't already been.

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