Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pacific Update

Just a small update on the A7 pacific tank. Progress isn't bad, even though it only ever seems to receive a few minutes attention at a time. I'm pleased how it seems to convey the 'bulk' of the prototype quite convincingly.

As you can see, it's progressing quite well now - not long and it'll have the correct number of wheels! The rear carrying wheels should be carried as part of the main frames;if you build the kit to 00 as intended, the cast pony truck works very well, but here I need something which will work in P4. I think I'll be building this from scratch so I get exactly what I need. The footplate still needs large chunks carving out to allowing the cods to go round, but it's the P4 choice again and lack of clearances. It's not much of a hardship really.

The chassis has come on very well; the wheels are all now in place and the tyre edges have been blackened. The motor drives through Branchlines' new 51:1 Wide Gearbox and looks like it should be rather good and suit the loco well. The main achievement today is that the loco has moved under its own power! Admittedly on wander leads, but nevertheless, it has moved! I think it'll still fine tuning, but far less than I expected - I'm rather pleased with it so far!

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