Thursday, 28 August 2008

B1 Progress

The B1 has come on ever so slightly, well a few of the castings are now in place.

I think the difference made by the new smokebox door is very noticeable - this is the 'face' of a steam locomotive, and it is where our eyes tend to be drawn. this is why it always pays to make sure that you get the door on straight! Hinges at angles can ruin an otherwise decent model.

Speaking of such things, another example is a wonky running board! The driver's side running board is at a slight angle - a wide angle lens doesn't help matters either! I found that the footplate had come loose from the boiler; at the moment it is all held together by screws, but I want to realign this area before it is finished.

That brings us up to date with this project; it isn't a high priority but it's quite a good one if I only have a few minutes spare!

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