Tuesday, 19 August 2008

More Waste Not Want Not!

It's been a little while since I updated my blog. I've not much modelling time this last week - lots going on at work, working most weekends on the Hull Docks branch and the situation wasn't helped by someone running into the back of my car when I was waiting at traffic lights!

Anyway, I had a bit of time to mess about with the B1, even if it was just a few minutes. I've taken some of the major components off ready for replacements to be fitted. You may also notice that the loco has acquired a set of Gibson bogie wheels - these were knocking about 'in stock'. Not sure why they'd be purchased originally, but they came in rather useful with this! The cost of the project is quite low, once the castings have been paid for there's very little else needed. Even the new buffers cost very little - the A7 I'm building for Botanic comes with a very nice set of sprung 'group standard' buffers which are perfect for the B1. The A7 doesn't need these as these are a later addition and 1126 will be as built. One thing which will finish the loco off nicely will be the etched brake gear which Mainly Trains produce - this is a huge failing with cast loco chassis when compared with newer offering. The presence of brake will really enhance the overall look of the model, without too much effort either!

My dad and I have had some discussion as to which B1 this should be; a few choices have been mentioned, all Hull engines, and we're thinking that 61306 may be the front runner... It was a Hull loco for most of its existence and worked on the York - Beverley line on the line's final day of operation too. However I've realised now that I'd have to sort out the electric lights and the generator too if this is the final choice!

The final decision on wheels may cost a bit extra - the loco works fine as it is, but the solid mazak wheels on the non-insulated side aren't ideal and need a lot of attention to keep them clean - plus it would be useful to have an electrically dead chassis in case Eastmoor becomes DCC at some point in the future. Gibson wheels would be nice and Markits do something that would suit the B1 I think... But I don't want to spend money for the sake of it, and Romford wheels do look OK on LNER prototypes providing you cover the axle nuts.

I do suspect that many people will think that this is a lot of fuss over an old model which does lack a lot of finer detail which we now take for granted, even on RTR offerings. My original post will say why I think it is worthwhile, but if compare these two castings and think of the difference it'll make to the 'face' of the model you'll perhaps see what I'm getting at! The difference between the two is huge! The original is on the right by the way...

The castings from Dave Bradwell are superb, as you can see. I'm looking forward to this project progressing. As always, I will let you know on here how I am getting on.

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