Saturday, 20 September 2008

Getting Older

I think I'm starting to get old. I've found recently that I have spent a lot of what little spare time I have, often before bed, reading in the bath and other brief moments, reading books which cover the 'sectorisation' era of British Rail. In the same way my dad reads books about BR in the 'fifties and 'sixties, I too have found myself reading about what I remember from 'my youth'! In a couple of weeks I'm twenty five. Now for many who read what I post on here, I don't suppose that will seem old - it's not really I suppose, but a quarter of a century is a landmark nonetheless. I'm married and in my own house with a 'grown up' job! So life is pretty good! However, I do find myself thinking back to long summers and freight locos running around in many shades of grey.

To this end I have decided to satisfy this bout of nostalgia by building myself an RfD class 47. It won't be a high priority but should be something I can sort out and work on away from the workshop at home. I have a freshly stripped Lima 47 body all ready! For some, the use of a Lima model will, in itself, be a nostalgia trip!

It reminds me of one of the first diesel detailing articles I can remember, which appeared in ModelRail, before EMAP used the name for a totally different magazine... Andrew Donnelly was the author and he is responsible, I reckon, for so many people trying this diesel modelling lark. The articles were always well written and the models were superb. The other supplement in the photo was, as far as I can remember, the first article where I tried what was described in it!

Although the magazines are fifteen years old now, they are still a wonderful source of information for 'modern' modellers - of course when these issues appeared the subjects were very much current. There are, in some ways, 'of their time'. This isn't a criticism, but an observation, and very much a positive one at that. We are spoiled for choice with the parts we can get now - Brian Hanson's range of parts shows just how good we have it - but then diesel modellers were very much the poor relation and these articles show just how much was left to the modeller's own resources.

My 'nostalgia trip' 47 won't need too much in the way of extras, I will, however, make use of the Heljan Class 47 bits which can be had from Howes. I will of course update you when it makes any progress, though it will be taking very much a backseat as all things North Eastern are my current priority!


  1. You don't get to be old until you're at least 27, James.

  2. Lawrence Dickenson's NSE Class 47s in an even earlier ModelRail supplement were the ones that encouraged me to get hacking at Lima chassis.

    I've got lazy now and just hack the Heljan ones into the correct long-range type.


  3. Stu, after going out to the usual student-type-pubs during freshers week, definately felt old!

    I don't think I have a copy of that ModelRail supplement Gareth, sadly. I know what you mean about the Heljan underframe mouldings - I've made much use of them since spares were freely available!