Friday, 19 September 2008


Life isn't always easy...

You may have noticed that I haven't updated my blog for a little while - it all seems to have been rather hectic recently! Someone ran into my car while I was waiting at traffic lights as I mentioned a little while ago. Accidents happen, but the other driver's dishonesty is making the process very slow (he gave false/inaccurate details at the scene but thankfully my insurers have traced him). Not having a car does make you realise how much you come to rely on them, especially with such irregular hours! Anyway, life continues, albeit in a slightly different way!

I've been catching up with a few things lately, one of which has been this -

It's based on the 'older' Class 56, a Dapol example in this case. It still requires handrails, windscreen wipers and couplings but we're just about there... The main work was the painting and weathering - something which can make or break a model. Very little is needed with this model, unless you want to rebuild the underframe details to add more depth.

I was very pleased with the contrasting roof panels, where the repaired panel's new paint stands out next to the loco's faded roof. Hopefully its new owner will like the result.

I find it strange how this 'old' model does far more for me than 'new' version which I described previously (though the 'new' model in triple-grey does look much better!). So maybe the old body on a new chassis would provide a nice combination with the right look and superb chassis and running qualities? Or perhaps I am just complicating matters?

Either way, there's still a lot of potential to assemble an accurate fleet of grids using bits from a whole variety of sources.

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