Saturday, 27 September 2008

Scaleforum 2008

Today the East Yorkshire Area Group of the Scalefour Society made the 500 mile round trip to Scaleforum. A trip which was a very enjoyable one! And I didn't actually confirm I was going until late last night!

One of the features of the this year's even was the Society's Diesel and Electric Layout Challenge. The selection was very interesting with some excellent entries. It was quite nice to wander around and see my locos running on various layouts too! One of the locos has featured here recently. 37 501 can be seen at the top and and in the photo below - the latter is courtesy of Tim Easter and seen on Si Bendall's rather nice layout, Ravenscroft.

Nice to see one of my locos in its intended role!

Also on show today, on Brian Hanson's stand was a truly magnificent model, a Deltic by Chris Pendelton using Brian's bits and featuring his new bogies! This model, more than any other shows the direction in which D&E modelling should be heading. It also highlighted one problem with a number of the D&E Challenge layouts; far too many had locos which had simply been rewheeled and very little else carried out. Is this really in the scalefour or finescale 'ethos'? I really don't think it is.

One layout which was very much in this 'ethos' is Longcarse West by David Furmage. It's a wonderful depiction of a run down and rationalised yard.

The layout has some delightful little touches, especially with its permanent way. The removal of one of the yard's turnouts is a particular favourite of mine.

And finally, one layout whcih is bound to become legendary is Jim Smith-Wright's Birmingham New Street. This was the first time I have seen it 'in the flesh' and even the size of just a third of it is very impressive! Jim may be mad to attempt such a project, but it is very impressive indeed!

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