Friday, 21 November 2008

All in the details...

My office!
I haven't managed much of a contribution to any blog of late. As ever my big train set has taken up a lot of my time, so much that I found out that I have three weeks worth of holidays which I need to take before Christmas! So plenty of modelling time lies ahead. And I have a lot to do too! Varying from finishing off (finally!) the Class P1 for Botanic, which has been in a very-nearly-finished state for some time now, to finishing off brake gear on a Heljan Western using the parts from Brassmasters plus a few things in between!

Being slightly odd and looking forward to going to work, I tend to use my time out and about, as well as working, taking in the whole railway environment. So much so, that 'modern' layouts which don't have troughing routes present, for example, are really grating for me now! It does amaze me how little some modellers actually know about the railway - I'm still learning and I am aware just how little I know! But absorbing all this information makes me want to model things to a much higher degree of fidelity.

Have a look at the photo which accompanies this rambling post; first glance many people won't see anything other than a single track line. But look closer. Notice the signal in the background and the warning of a TSR (Temporary Speed Restriction)just in front of it. Heading back towards the photographer you'll see the troughing route winding its way along the line and the mileposts, both old and new. There's so much out there to inspire modellers, it's just a shame that so many miss it.

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