Friday, 12 December 2008

Dick Turpin

This has nothing to do with railways at all but I just felt the need to share!

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One thing which I believe everybody must do before they die is go and see the pantomime at York Theatre Royal!

Whereas many pantomimes seem to feature fading stars trying to prolong their careers the York Pantomime is a world away. With all due respect to the cast, their are no 'big name' stars but a regular core of actors who have appeared in it for years.

However for those who attend regularly Berwick Kaler is a star. And along with Martin Barrass and David Leonard, the ultimate villian, provides an evening which is unforgettable and immensely enjoyable. However once you have seen the York Theatre Royal's production, no other pantomimes will ever match it.

If you have never seen Berwick Kaler's Patnomime you're life will never truly be complete.


  1. Ah... Panto. We don't have anything like that here- and attempts to explain this tradition have resulte in odd looks from my German friends, so I gave up. It does look pretty good though- and I like the way it's a local show without some 'star' hauled in to bump up audience figures.

    BTW could you allow OpenID on the comments? Since moving my railway blog to wordpress it's harder to comment on blogger blogs...


  2. Hello Andy!

    If you're ever in york in December or January the York Pantomime is well worth a visit!

    I've changed the settings both here and on the Botanic Gardens' blog to allow OpenID on the comments. I must admit I'd not given that any thought previously.

    By the way, I've enjoyed going through your blogs just now!

    Take care,