Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hornby Magazine Yearbook

I must admit that I don't actually buy Hornby Magazine. So it may seem odd that I decided to the the 'yearbook'.

The book has a nice, high quality feel to it being hardbound and the paper has a nice glossy feel to it. The content too is of a high quality. Bearing in mind that Hornby Magazine's own brief is to help beginners in the hobby, the material in the yearbook doesn't patronise and provides even more advanced modellers drawing inspiration from what is in the book.

The track plans in the book look good at first glance but when you begin to work out the radii, they start to be quite implausible - Mr New seems completely unaware of transition curves! This is a shame as those who might fancy tackling one of the plans for their first 'big' home layout may loose faith in the hobby if such schemes just don't work.

However else where within the book there are some real gems. Firstly Tim Maddocks' Enginewood is always good to see - a layout with a real 'railway like' quality which reflects its builders own involvement in the rail industry.

Elsewhere there's an excellent section which gives a wonderfully useful advice for those wanting to start weathering. Paul Marshall-Potter and Ian Fleming, of the Hull MRS.

PMP's guide are pretty good - though his approach for weathering diesels is different from my own it nevertheless provides a good grounding for those starting with such matters.

Paul Marshall-Potter's guide to basic weathering of steam locomotives.
Ian Fleming is a god in the field of wagons. It might be a rather strong way to describe someone but his wagons are absolutely superb. I still remember being blown away by his models when I saw his articles in early issues of BRM. His guide is very easy to follow and is a wonderful piece of work.

At £16.99 you'll have to decide if you can justify spending that on the book but I felt it was worthwhile and there's plenty to read over the Christmas period.

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