Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Ultimate Library!

North Eastern elegance; Aerolite in the Main Hall of the National Railway Museum
I went to York today.

It must have been one of the clearest days I've seen for a long time. The Wolds were bathed in glorious winter sun and over the top of the Wolds you could see for miles and miles. York too was illuminated by the same intense winter sun. I popped to The Barbican Bookshop on Fossgate, which is an absolute gem of a bookshop! It's easy to loose track of time in there; their selection of new books is pleasing covering areas which mainstream book sellers wouldn't normally deal with. Their second hand section is very comprehensive and worth a careful look.

But if you're like me, no visit to York is complete without visiting the National Railway Museum. One of the recent additions to the museum is the Search Engine

The Search Engine and the view over the Great Hall.
It makes the NRM's archive easily accessible by all. At the simplest level this has seen a huge number of books being out on shelves allowing all visitors to browse through them. But further to this there are rooms available for meetings and research. Volumes upon volumes of railway magazines fill shelves in part alongside the books - for anyone with an interest in railways this is the ultimate library!

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