Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Class 60

A second unexpected day produced a nice little surprise for me.

Stored in the workshop is my model of 60 093 Jack Stirk which is based on a Lima and I must have finished it at least six years ago - that's a worrying thought. I think it may have been my first finished diesel in P4! I used Tim Shackleton's articles in MRJ as a basis for my own model but didn't go the whole hog with the mechanism.

I tried the loco on my test track to see if it would still work - it was previously a wonderfully smooth loco, despite retaining a completely standard Lima motor bogie. I didn't do anything to it other than rewheel and properly lubricate it. Much to my surprise, the model still ran very well, up and down the metre long test track, perhaps a little noisier than before though this can be forgiven after such a long period of inactivity.

Since the introduction of the Hornby model I had wondered about selling '093 but keeping and making full use of older models is something I have mentioned here before. I do think that the Lima Class 60 looks right, despite lacking in fine detail when compared with Hornby's newer version. The mechanism is very old fashioned compared with the newer version but this one, at least, is still very usable.

In time I want to fit a DCC decoder and new lights - the lights fitted are by Express Models but are their 'Lightstore' version which isn't compatible at all with DCC though pretty good for DC operation. This would bring the model into line with more recent models with the minimum of work. It wouldn't be able to take the heaviest trains which one may expect a sixty to handle but the period of the layout where it will end up will be such that the sixties had moved on to some more menial tasks by this point, so it should fit in rather well and will make full use of a model which was a real milestone for me at the time.

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