Monday, 16 February 2009

An Unexpected Day Off

With my car needing a new clutch, I had an unexpected day off!

I was very keen to make the most of this - part of the day was spent on items for Botanic Gardens, I'll update these separately, or you always come and see us at Scalefour North in April!

One model which I had a good look at today was my attempt at modelling 37 065, which has been a long term resident of the workshop. I haven't done much to it recently - the most recent work has centred around the fuel/water tanks, work which I could undertake at home, away from the workshop.

What I'm trying to work out is if this is worth the effort - in the context of a layout this work may not be noticeable and if this was the case is it a worth while exercise? Comparing the result with my model of 37 677, the resultant depth achieved is much better - however, this is consciously comparing the two.

From 'normal viewing angles' I think the difference is small. The hardest part of all of this is balancing the time invested with the end result. I'm wondering if the ideal compromise maybe to leave the Bachmann tanks as they come and merely enhance and add detail to the ends and recesses. However, the solution must be one that I will be happy with in the long term - if I leave this detail, will I then wish I had taken the extra time?!

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