Thursday, 23 April 2009

MRJ 190

I got my copy of Model Railway Journal 190 yesterday. Getting the new MRJ is something to which I always look forward! It does, however, seem to reach East Yorkshire a few days after it reaches the rest of the country! Anyway, my reason for highlighting this particular issue is a wonderful and inspirational article by Mick Moore on building a pair of LMS Crab 2-6-0s. What seems like a simple kit build on the face of it is, in fact, much, much more than that. Taking pieces from various sources and adding in a huge degree of craftsmanship has produced results for which most of us can only hope. He wrote a similar article on building an 8F using a DJH kit as a basis in a previous edition of MRJ.

One website has criticised the modelling press for featuring articles on 'building white metal kits' as they believe that people don't build kits anymore. I think fewer people build kits for certain types now - unless you want the ultimate WD 2-8-0, a Bachmann model makes more sense than DJH in 00 anyway, leaving the beautiful Dave Bradwell version for those who must have the 'ultimate'! Many locos are still not available in ready to run form so being able to see how someone approaches the whole kit building process may inspire people attempt their own. An average modeller may not get to Mick Moore's standard, but his article can provide a multitude of hints, tips and advice.

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