Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Scalefour North 2009

The weekend in Wakefield was rather good! Sadly I missed a rather large chunk of it due to having to get back to Hessle Road Junction to assist with the tamping works there - the junction looks much better now though! Just hoping it didn't annoy my fellow area group members too much. (Five weeks without a day off now - I'm very much looking forward to Easter!) It was the usual delightful, relaxed atmosphere that I have come to expect from the show. This, along with the high standard of modelling, is what makes it an unmissable show. It was nice to see old friends and meet a lot of new people, with whom my only previous contact had been electronic - always nice to a face to a name/RMweb thread/blog!

The East Yorkshire Area Group of the Scalefour Society were in attendance with part of Botanic Gardens with our demonstration. I was so pleased with how well the project was received. It was very encouraging!

It was nice to meet Ian from Grogley Junction. His plans are looking rather good - delving in P4 for the first, his blog provides a very good and readable dairy of his progress. The blog shows some real thought and care behind what he is doing.

Tim Lewis brought his ongoing J25 and it was rather fun comparing his and mine on BG! His is a BR example so both locos have completely different details. The drive in his is a large Mashima motor in the tender driving a High Level gearbox - much more advanced than my arrangement! It was nice to meet Tim, a fellow modeller with good North Eastern tastes! Have a look at his thread on RMweb, some very nice modelling on there.

Bramblewick was a real highlight - the atmosphere is just wonderful. It shouts 'North Yorkshire Coast' and the colouring is spot on. But then its creator, Tom Harland, is a artist by trade so you would expect it to be! Everything just works though - it's also good to see a pre-group layout which has weathered stock and dispelling the myth that the everything was always spotless.

I was cheeky enough to ask if I could pose my P1 to photograph it on Bramblewick - Tom was kind enough to let me do so! It was probably the poorest item on the layout but I was rather pleased with the results!

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