Monday, 13 April 2009

York 2009

My dad and I went to the York show today - first weekend off in about six weeks! It wasn't a bad show but there seemed to be nothing for those interested in things post 1970, aside from traders with suitable products. Aside form this annual issue it was pretty good, although I do wonder how somethings get in at what is supposed to be a premium show which traditionally hosts what is best in the hobby. That said, the various scale and gauge combinations are well represented by numerous specialist societies which is very reassuring to see.

I was very impressed by some of the new items on Bachmann's stand; the new Class 24 (and hopefully 25s to follow?) is almost enough to get me messing about with two mill' finescale again! Though I'm trying to work out if it suffers from the same window errors/issues as its larger siblings.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and rather than bore you about all I saw the following few photos should give you a good idea! Please be gentle, all were taken handheld in the available light!



  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. Some very nice looking layouts on show.

  2. one of my favourite picture is : the curved layout (blea moor ) , thanks too for this pictures!!!


  3. No need to thank me! Just pleased you both like the photos!



  4. Nice photos James. I was a bit surprised to see my chin: !!!

    This is Edward Sissling's 2mm DCC layout at one if it's first major outings. It performed rather well on the day!