Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I've calmed down now!

The people I'll be working with are very nice and the work should prove interesting. P-Way is where I want to work ultimately but my time in OHLE should prove interesting and very useful. Hopefully will be able to get out and about and learn as much as I can.

While waiting for my train this afternoon, I looked across at the pair of Class 142 units sitting at the buffers in Piccadilly. It reminded me of a site I remember from my visits to Manchester in the nineties.

Where they sit now used to be a regular haunt for stabled Class 101 units as they reached the end of their careers. At one time enthusiasts paid the one-oh-ones very little attention but as they aged and became endangered enthusiasts warmed to them and ultimately mourned their passing. There was something quite pleasing about them ticking over here, helping to line the station's roof with that faint blue smoke.

Some things have changed, Manchester Piccadilly is now a light and airy place. The two 'Pacers' sitting in the same place gently ticking over nicely showed how the railway changes but in some ways, things are the same.

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  1. you're right , maybe more beautifull inside the train ?