Thursday, 28 May 2009

Peco Plans

Coming back from the office to Piccadilly Station I popped into the Ian Allan Bookshop which is just by the station - I hadn't done on my previous visits in this stint at Manchester as in the lead up to pay day it's often essentials only! I intended to get a magazine to read on the train but this caught my eye.

It has been recommended previously but I've not been able to get or even view a copy until now. I've see Paul A Lunn's plans in the Railway Modeller many times and have seen how innovative he is with his plans. This book is full of his work, continuing his good work from RM. Some of the plans are not what you would really expect in a Setrack plan book! A wonderful meandering version of the Line which runs through Bleneau Ffestiniog fills a large room and gives a real sense of trains actually going somewhere! Schemes like this could easily be built (with obvious adjustments for track geometry) using finer track and as such this book can provide inspiration for all modellers.

There are of course plenty of plans for smaller layouts and these are equally inspirational. The designs could provide someone with a wonderful basis for their first 'serious' (for want of a better term!) layout which would provide a good looking and 'fun to operate' layout which would be easily achievable. And some the author seems to be able to make continuous runs in a small space rather convincing.

This book really has impressed me and at just £2.75 is cheaper than most magazines and not only excellent value but should appeal to those well beyond its target audience. Highly recommended!

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