Thursday, 9 July 2009

Coal through Rawcliffe

Well despite saying "the chances of getting stopped at the crossing are slim during the day" looks like that'll be changing now! On Monday GB Railfreight began a new flow of imported coal between Hull Docks and Drax Power Station.

I timed my detour just right and managed to see 66 722 heading for Hull at about 1720. Further photos can be found on Tony Buckton's excellent photo site. If you follow the link you'll be able to see 66 722 moving over the junction at Hessle Road; if you look closely you'll see the newly installed crossing assembly on the diamond too!


  1. very ipressive engine , we have some in france .

    It 's not my"era" for my layout but i like it!


  2. They are rather impressive - you have some of 'our' locos in France too!

    This one looked very respectable at the head of all the brand new hoppers.