Friday, 21 August 2009

Finescale Railway Modeller's Workshop

Judging by the comments which occasionally get left on here I think my loyal band of followers share a number of my own modelling philosophies. As such a new modelling forum may well be of interest.

The Finescale Railway Modeller's Workshop has a rather nice atmosphere and is very much about encouraging everyone to improve their own modelling through sharing experiences on the forum - very much 'here's how I made it' rather than 'look at me, aren't I clever?!' I must say that it's an ethos which fits in with my own approach to modelling. The membership, although small, has a huge and wide knowledge base complete a wide range of interests which adds quite a nice quality as we all approach things differently.

It’s well worth a look even if only to read and comment about all the varied and diverse subjects contained within.

Click here to visit!


  1. good idear , i will join you on this "forum"

  2. Hmmm I can't help but wonder why we all need another forum. RMWeb does this and benefits from an established and diverse set of modellers?


  3. Pascal, your modelling and ideas would be a wonderful addition to the forum!

    James, we don't 'all need another forum' but it provides a slightly different take on things. For instance of the two main car forums I use both cover the same marque but one, a rather large one, covers in the main owning, driving and modifying the performance models whereas the other slightly smaller one is more of an enthusiasts' group and has attracted many of the same members but also owners of classic vehicles. Both have a completely different approach and very happily co-exist.

    The FRMW has a real emphasis on the modle making side of the hobby rather than RTR so far and encouraging the 'here's how I made it' approach could really benefit all members. RMweb is now part of the establishment in many ways; a product of the work which Andy York has done to become accepted. But I rather like the idea of being non-mainstream which is one of the appeals of FRMW for me, as the original form of RMweb was.

    So give it a go; you can easily and satisfyingly be a member of more than one forum!