Friday, 21 August 2009

It's Alive!

Well, not quite but allow me to explain...

Every route has an 'Engineers Line Reference' (ELR) which is usually a three letter code occasionally with a number afterwards on certain routes and is used to quickly and easily refer to routes. Bridges use the code along with their number, as the example in the photo above. An excellent guide to these code appears here.

I photographed a bridge just west of Market Weighton today which I hadn't visited before; it had merely been just a good intention! The ELR is proudly displayed on the bridge! 'YMW' stands for 'York - Market Weighton'. Despite being a closed route the structures are still looked after by the British Railways Board (BRB) so the route still officially exists, in other words it's alive!

The photos show the remains of the bridge; the eastern abutment is still complete as in the embankment leading up to it. However the wide view shows how most of the western abutment has been demolished and the embankment completely cleared. One of my ever faithful 620ti's would beneath the bridge rather than out in the open if the line was still open.

So is a case of not dead but just sleeping? Well I've covered this subject both last year and the year before so we'll see if anything ever happens, though local Train Operating Companies have shown the verbal support as one newspaper reported recently.

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