Saturday, 8 August 2009

Mini Milk Bottles

Some time ago I explained how the sound which 'Dub-dees' made, which sounded remarkably like milk bottles and is a sound which my dad remembers from growing up in Hull when the Austerity 2-8-0 was a major part of the railway scene in the North East. They were also regular performers on the York - Beverley line.

I've had a fair bit off time off work this week; advised to stay at home with suspected swine flu. Unfortunately the midwife also advised that I shouldn't be around Suzi too much so I've spent a lot of time at my parents this week! So looking at a few things which have been in a rather long queue, this model caught my attention. It's a Bachmann Dub-dee which is being rebuilt to match those which had a Doncaster pattern firebox - a different internal arrangement meant the wash-out plugs are located differently which means the handrails had to be moved. This will eventually represent Hull, Dairycoates' 90695 which received this type of arrangement. It seems odd that Bachmann haven't produced this as a variation as it was quite common for BR examples later in life.

The Bachmann model has been around for about ten years now - this surprised me as it still seems like very good model with some nice refinements. It's a superb runner and seems to handle reasonable length trains perfectly well. The model, perhaps, lacks some of the refinements of much newer releases, such as some of the very fine details which Hornby now provide. From my point of view this isn't an issue - it works and looks right; all that I ask of a 'layout loco'! So I'm adding a few of the refinements we want for our use. And on a good base like this even the smallest additions can really 'lift' it. The AWS conduit along the driver's side running board is very noticeable on an engine with such plain lines as this, so it makes it very worthwhile to add it; once the other AWS bits are on it should look rather pleasing!

Next we need to order some parts from Dave Bradwell to really complete it! Once we have these in place it'll be numbering followed by weathering - going on the photos I have of 90695, that will be a rather fun task!


  1. Sorry to hear of the 'flu, James. Every black cloud and all that! I look forward to seeing more of this conversion, particularly your weathering!



  2. Thanks Iain!

    You'll see I put some of my sick leave to good use with my N10! The kit is pure relaxation as it goes together beautifully!