Sunday, 2 August 2009

Some Good News!

We have some news!

In January it will no longer be just Suzi and I!

We have our first child due in January. All is going well thankfully with only the odd little worry but all have proved unfounded.

I suspect we're about to see some absolutely enormous changes very soon!


  1. Congratulations! As you say, life-changing indeed...

    I'm sure that you'll have plenty to think acbout, and eat up you time, over the next few months but I'm sure that you'll always find a spare snatched five minutes to do something modelling.

    And of course, in the future, there will be his (or her!) first layout ;-)

    Flymo, who has his first kit ready for his 9 year old, and is just waiting for a wet afternoon...

  2. Hey, congratulations to you both! I would definitely recommend that you get any big modelling jobs out of the way before the due date though...

    Our daughter is almost two now, and starting to take an interest in trains (having a railway line at the back of the garden helps) so I am hopeful for the future :)

  3. Hearty congratulations! You have a wonderful time ahead which will go past all too quickly.

    My two are 12 and 16, to my continual amazement. It seems like last week when they were babies...and I thought neither would follow in my footsteps, but my son has now exceeded my skills as a guitarist, although, sadly, he has no interest in railways. They are both very indulgent of Dad's trains, though.

  4. Congratulations! It certainly is life changing. My daughter has just turned 2 and I love every minute. She's a huge Thomas fan, and we visit either the Churnett Valley Railway, or a narrow gauge train at our local garden centre at least once a month - due to her demands - too!

    It was having a baby that got me back into modelling so once things settle down you'll actually find you probably have nearly as much time as you're used to!

  5. Excellent news, congratulations to you both.

    As most dads we all hope that some of our interests rub off on our kids, but most of all our kids do rub off on us. They do change our lives and our outlook on life. After all the joy and tears I would still not be without my two, daughter 25 and son 23 years, wow, where has the time gone.....

    Just enjoy those first few years, the first cheeky smile, the first giggle, the first time they roll over then start to crawl. Before long he/she will be toddling and fingers into everything. Fantastic. :-))

  6. Thank you for all your kind comments :-)

    We already have various changes taking place - one room has now already been re-decorated!

  7. Congratulations, and sorry they are belated. That'S great news.

    Believe me, they're good changes...