Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Teenage Kicks

While searching for a few bits at my parents’ house this morning I came across a model which I’d not seen for sometime. I must have been about fourteen or fifteen at the time I made this.

Just a little bit of background first; I intended (and still would like to) build a London based layout set in the ‘fifties. I did acquire various items for the layout; a few items were built, notably a number of locos but a couple of buildings along with various road vehicles. I also tried a couple of SMP plastic-base point kits. However these were rather small but it lead me to try a C&L turnout kit. The result was very pleasing and with jump leads attached things would even run through it without derailing! This was to lead to a bit of a slippery slope however as I thought that if I was going to build track maybe I should go all the way and try P4… Well, this thought combined with GCSEs then A Levels and working meant the layout didn’t ever progress beyond a couple of bare baseboards.

The model is a Dapol LNER N2 which has received a little bit of extra detail and weathering – nothing too special really but I do remember being rather pleased with the result when I’d done. Even though now the wheels look a little course to me back then I felt I’d disguised the ‘brightness’ of the metal chassis parts rather well. Perhaps what I find satisfying about it now is how the model looks very much one entity; it doesn’t look like the body and chassis were treated separately and all the weathering tones and colours tie nicely together too. Not a bad effort at all really; I’m still rather pleased with it! It’s just a shame it’ll probably never have a layout to run on.

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