Tuesday, 1 September 2009

And so to Scunthorpe

Well, summer's gone and I'm finally allowed outside!

I'm just starting a three/four month stint at Corus' Scunthorpe Steelworks on the p-way maintenance contract which VolkerRail has - this is something which the company has held for many years through its various guises, going right back to the company's days as Grant Lyon Eagre when industrial work formed a major part of the company's activities.

I must admit that both being outside and 'hands on' suit me much better than being in an office! As some of you may know I'm dyslexic and as such have a mind which is wired a little differently from 'normal' people - the thought of ongoing/endless admin both seriously stresses me and fills me with dread. As a result I'm much happier and feel so much more at ease with practical matters - so I'm very much looking forward to this latest move although I'm rather disappointed to miss the next stage of works on the Hull Docks Project. However, it's not bad getting to see a network like that at the steelworks! It's also a real pleasure to work in an area so rich in industrial heritage.


  1. That sounds like a dream job, James! I find the environment of a Steel Works quite fascinating to say the least..ever since a school trip to John Summers a long time ago. I sympathise, whilst I'm not very practical (unlike you), I do love P. Way work and being outside...even in this rain!

  2. I regularly pass the steelworks as we have a base in Scunthorpe, and everytime I pass I get a tantalising glimpse of what lies within. It even has its own railway station located next to the main road, although I don't believe it is in use. Good luck and enjoy being back in the great outdoors!


  3. Just fiished my third week on the work's railway and I have loved every minute of it! Some good weather has made it even better! I even have a little bit of a tan again after becoming rather pale thanks to toomuch time inside and no time for cricket as a result.

    Iain I would say your work demonstrates a practical side to your skills!

    The railway station you see is actually used by the AFRPS for their railtours so sees only occasional use. I have been on a tour, but that was quite a long time ago but if you want to see the works it's well worth considering!

  4. James,
    I am modelling steelworks vehicles in 10mm scale.
    Early in 2009 I made an official request to Corus for a few key measurements of a few key vehicles. They said they didn't have the information themselves, and since Wagons live 'wild' on the 100 miles or so of track within its fence, sending an office geezer in a hard hat out to hunt them down with a tape measure isn't anything nearly as easy as it sounds. They said they were sympathetic but as the recession was biting deep they could not justify the manpower cost of either measuring for me or escorting me round the site. The key factor is the sheer size of the site - as you'll well know, there are smaller cities.

    However in June 2009 I went (incognito) on one of the steam tours, and I too can fully recommend them. By that time, Corus had banned photography from the train. That was doubly frustrating since we criss-crossed paths with a brakevan Special which was absolutely bristling with cameras, while i was under the stern eye of the Preservation Society tour guide, who wasn't standing for any nonsense that might put the tours at risk. Grrr!

    What I would particularly like is a few key measurements of the ingot wagons shown in your picture "And so to Scunthorpe".
    Do you have any advice about how I might find some please?

    Thanks, David