Thursday, 3 September 2009

Driverless Locomotives...

The title might sound alarming but this is really what you get in Scunthorpe! Well, not exactly as it seems! Many of the locos are remote controlled so you'll see the driver performing both his traditional role and also that of shunter - he may be on the loco as it moves, walking alongside or watching the loco buffer up. All clever stuff really, but even with this information is can still be a little disconcerting at first!

These two photos were taken on my way home through the works; it's a fascinating place and our lads who are based within the works for maintenance are great. The scale of it is awesome too. It's amazing to see in amongst the modern plant and buildings the odd hint of heritage such as when you see a small, old stone building surrounded by enormous pipework and gantries. As you go round there is so much to take in! Some of the wagons are fascinating - quite how old some of them are is anyone's guess!

Perhaps one of the most refreshing things about the works' network is that it is constantly evolving; if they need new roads in a yard, they get on and lay them! No messing about or prolonged commercial wrangling.

I must remember that this is work...


  1. Mmmm Lime Green and Black warning chevrons. Lovely. Its not a colour combination I've seen before. Thanks for sharing the pictures


  2. For me the day-glow orange stands out more! They seem to have a thing for painting things in this colour around the works! Some of the recently overhauled locos also feature running lights made up of blue LEDs which look unusual but do make the locos very visable even in bright sunlight and especially so in dull conditions!

  3. DB have got wind of this idea now: it's common to see trains being shunted with the 'driver' hanging on to a wagon at the front and the loco empty with both cab doors open at the back. Unnerves a few commuters, I should think.