Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The J. P. Richards Collection

If you wonder in to The Works at the National Railway Museum you'll be met with a whole manor of small artifacts in metal and perspex boxes - the idea of a public store is wonderful as so many items might never see the light of day otherwise. If you do visit here I would encourage you to turn right as you enter the doors on the ground floor. I did just this after my PTS Re-certification last Wednesday - one of the advantages of meetings and course in York is having the NRM so close by!

If you do this you be presented with display cabinets whose light beams out across the gloom. Within these is a wonderful collection of LNWR models in S7 built by JP Richards. The description says how it features in the Guinness Book of Records for being the largest collection built by one man but I think it's a shame they feel the need to emphasise this rather than just let the models speak for themselves or even provide a bit of background on the prototypes for the models.

Being built to S7 standards means they are unable to operate on the Museum's existing layout but the explanation panel says they intend to build a payout one day to allow them to be displayed as intended. Maybe a worthy successor to the Museum's now rather tired looking layout? Though this is another issue...

In the meantime, if you are visiting the museum, I urge you to go and spend a few moments taking in this superb body of work.

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  1. Beautiful. My parents will retire to York in a few months, and Dad is an LNWR fan, so I expect we'll get the chance to see this...