Sunday, 6 September 2009

Rolling Along

The week seems to have passed by very weekly and sadly so has the weekend...

Now I'm allowed to play outside during the week I've found that even despite the very early starts I have much more energy! Must be the fresh air! Found a few minutes in amoungst stripping a car for spares, fitting new number plates to my mum's car and a lovely meal out on Friday with Suzi!

A little progress with the NER Class U (LNER N10) though thanks to the loan of GW Models rolling bars - a lovely piece of kit! Superbly made and it made such light work of the task in hand. I had already rolled the smokebox by hand but I rolled the boiler and twin layer cab roof and had everything soldered up ready for placement on the model within twenty minutes! Not bad going really!

The boiler and smokebox have been permanently joined but not to the rest of the loco yet; the cab roof is a lovely interference fit so that can stay just as it is for now and when the time comes a small dab of Bostik will hold that in place. Next will be fitting the axleboxes and their hornguides. Even at this stage there is plenty of ease with creating any extra clearances, especially with the boiler assembly still separate.

The North Eastern lines are definitely beginning to show now; their locos were wonderfully simple in their lines with no 'frilly' bits which other railways felt the need to include. Perhaps workmanlike is the best way to describe them? Yet they are undoubtedly elegant in appearance.

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