Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Scaleforum 2009

Hepton Wharf - P4 in a minimal space, superb!
The East Yorkshire Area Group of the Scalefour Society made their annual trip to Surrey for Scaleforum.

It was definitely worth the 500 mile round trip! Despite problems with the venue as Leatherhead Leisure Centre is undergoing a huge revamp. The event worked round this and it was a superb show! I was very pleased to see Hepton Wharf and was surprised just how small it was! Very effective as well! But Flintfield really stood out even with no trains in sight you are captivated by - if you're not, you clearly have no soul! Strangely what would be 'gimmicky' elsewhere works beautifully here - the flying bird (seen at the top of the photo) and the swimming swan add a wonderful touch of life the the scene. This is true finescale modelling with great care applied across the board and shows admirally that the Scalefour Society is far more than just wheel and track standards.

Kitehouses was rather nicely done and had a nice selection of North Eastern Region stock. The back scene was wonderfully simple and effective all at the same time.

A highlight for me was Rose Grove under construction - it has some of the best looking P4 S&C I have ever seen! The layout was populated with locos by Dave Holt which are beautifully constructed - I've had the pleasure of viewing these up close when demonstrating in the same room at Scalefour North.

A very worthwhile and enjoyable day - if you didn't go this year, you really should try and make it in 2010!

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