Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ten Coupled Filthiness

One of my latest projects to make its way out of the workshop is this - soon to be followed by a suitably weather D600 Warship Class. It had a simple brief, to depict a 9F as they appeared towards the end of their working lives and towards the end of steam on BR. So this is a combination of various photographs.

I think what it shows is how good modern Ready to Run locomotives are now - to be perfectly honest I see no real need to kit build a 9F if you were modelling in 00 now. In P4 you'd replace so much of the RTR model that you might as well build the complete thing. Tenders could easily be replaced by Comet items should the need arise. I've been very impressed by this model overall though I urge anyone who has one to drill out the chimney - opening this makes an enormous difference to the appearance.

To give you an idea of the effect weathering I have added a 'before' and 'after' view of the model. I'll allow you to draw your own conclusions.



I hope to provide a few more details of how to weather locomotives in this manor when I finally finish the 'dub-dee' which has featured here previously though when that might be is any one's guess!


  1. Nice work there, James - very reminiscent of the days these locos spent working the heavy iron ore trains out of Tyne Dock to Consett in their final days.

  2. Agree totally with GoG. Beautiful work. I was familiar with these as a boy in the mid sixties, although the lancashire ones I saw were a bit more rusty. My last heartbreaking view of a BR one was in a line of scrapped locos at Speke shed in '68. Awful sight!

  3. very beautifull job , i have a lot of steam engines and would like to do the same.