Monday, 12 October 2009

And another Year is gone...

As October brings my birthday every year it's customary to do something 'nice' with the weekend! So Suzi and I went up to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway with my mum and dad for a ride between Goathland and Grosmont.

Despite the fair between the two stations being half the whole line fair, the ride is quite pleasant. Though I do wonder if the old Mark 1 carriages (ours had suspension which bounced far too much) are really a good thing for the average visitor? Do they convey the right impression? Either way they are still comfortable and I do like opening windows!

Grosmont has a wonderful 'country junction' feel to it since the regular service to Whitby was introduced. With trains seeming to appear from different directions (including off the main line), engine changes and various platforms in use this must be quite unique within railway preservation.

The highlight of the ride back to Goathland was undoubtedly Repton slipping to a near standstill on the 1 in 49 bank! Despite one of the on train staff claiming they'd had a nice steady run it was obvious what had happened - shame he saw the need to lie to passengers when the enthusiasts on board would probably have paid extra for the privilege!

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