Monday, 26 October 2009

Cake or death?

Sometimes, someone can take you somewhere else entirely away from the stresses and worries of everyday life. Eddie Izzard is one of these people. In a couple of hours he takes you into his world and talks about things you experience all the time, such as Wikipedia and computers to strange surreal moment such as french speaking badgers arguing with God about food on the third day of creation!

We saw Eddie Izzard at Sheffield Arena last night! I've waited years to see him and it was certainly worth the wait! He is a comedian of the highest calibre who can effortlessly captivate 11,000 in a venue for two hours. It was an amazing experience!

As you may have seen, I love live comedy! I think those who never go and see live comedy are really missing out in life! It can make you feel so good especially if you see some one like Eddie Izzard who is right at the top of his profession. And in these depressing times hearing of a badger on the moon is just what you need!

And the title 'Cake or Death'? Well this may explain...

And if you like that, click here - enjoy!

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