Sunday, 18 October 2009

Michael McIntyre

Last night we went to Sheffield Arena (which is a horrible venue!) to see Micheal McIntyre - he was very good! One big appeal he has is that he is never nasty about other people, which is quite a contrast with some of the 'edgier' comedians who I used to see performing at University.

Perhaps this light relief is something we all need during times like we currently have - news of economic problems for the world, MPs claiming too much for their duck houses and all the other depressing headlines can really get you down. You should never take life too seriously - we are fortunate enough to live in a society which, on the whole, isn't too bad. Live comedy is perhaps one of the best ways to remind us that life can be pretty good!


  1. That's encouraging. One of my day jobs is working with a theatre company and we have comedies partly for this reason, but some people think it's frivolous and silly in these difficult times.

  2. Couldn't agree more, James. In fact at times like these we need light relief more than ever, and I agree that Micheal McIntyre's light hearted and bouncy good natured humour is a tonic - he's great on TV, would love to see him live.