Monday, 9 November 2009

Botanic Gardens' Exhibition Debut

Last weekend Botanic Gardens made its exhibition debut! And no, we didn't know how big the layout would look either!

The layout was for the first time assembled as a single entity and it all went together perfectly! Dave's work with the non-scenic boards was superb! Chris' work with the station area is also to a very high standard. This area is a focal point of the layout and an area which many people remember. With the layout being a local subject meant we had a really nice reaction to the project with a lot of people sharing memories and experiences of the station and the surrounding area.

We didn't have much stock to run on the layout and my NER P1 did sterling service as it clocked up, we reckon, over 200 scale miles over the weekend! That's around 2,5 real miles! It hauled for most part a mixture of mine and Chris' stock. The weekend has showed us just how much a good run settles stock down, not just locos either; we found a couple of wagons which need adjustments for various reasons. We also need to find some way to stop brake vans being too free running amazingly!

It was a great weekend! Even if the time leading up to the weekend has cost me a fortune in DVDs and chocolate for Suzi! The interest that the layout generated was fantastic and really has raised my enthusiasm even more! Next year is going to be a lot of fun - loads of things planned and lots of stock to build!

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing Botanic Gardens at the Hull Exhbition! Though I didn't see you James when I went to watch it. I wish I had the room to have a layout that big! It's going to be crazy when it's finished! Well done!