Friday, 27 November 2009

Last Train over the Wolds

The 27th November 1965 marked the end of services on the York to Beverley railway with the very last being a six-car DMU running the 2142 from York to Hull - when this post is published tonight it will be forty four years to the minute since the last service set off and marked the end of the line service. The opening photo shows one DMU set on the last just ready to depart from Pocklington.

Of course I have covered the line before, but even so I feel that today's anniversary is worth a mention. If you get chance there's an interesting selection of photographs from the last day on the BBC Humber site. There is also an interesting piece with people's own memories of the line and the railway is very much about people, both railwaymen and the travelling public. There is still talk of reopening the line but for now you can still travel along part of the line, only for now it must be on foot...

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  1. Thanks for a very interesting post with the links. Let's hope, as more enlightened attitudes begin to prevail, that the line will be reopened...and not as a misguided busway!