Tuesday, 15 December 2009

15,000 Not Out

Well firstly a thank you to all of you who read my blog! It has had, just before I started typing this, 15,039 views since 6th of April this year. Not a bad achievement for my random ramblings about things! It does genuinely surprise me that people would want to read anything that I write - the main reason I started to write this blog was to force write something which wasn't written in a 'technical' or formal manor. I'm dyslexic (as my posts may have suggested!) and this has helped me be a little more creative with words and given a break from the formalities which work and professional development demand.

As a nice aside from this it has also allowed me to share some of my work and views on subjects which may not have fitted in elsewhere. I'm pleased have shared some aspects of my 'real' work too; comments on here, along with comments made at exhibitions and elsewhere, have made it quite satisfying to share things which most enthusiasts wouldn't normally see or perhaps even think about in the first place!

Next year will bring some huge changes; I hope to to be able to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas about life and railways of all sizes!

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  1. hello,

    it's a real pleasure to read your blog .Is a différent way to see model railroad from France and i like that !!